Information Security Consultants in the UK

We are a small specialist group of information security consultants focused on helping the tech industry manage security and continuity risks.

Our consultants have experience in a variety of industries including software development, network infrastructure and banking.  Using recognised standards, our consultants can provide the tools needed to manage information security risk in your organisation.

Information Security Consultants in the UK

With a UK reach that includes the tech scenes of Shoreditch, Cardiff, Bristol and Manchester, Assent Tech Risk can deliver consultancy services across the UK.

The Need to Address Information Security

The amount of data being collected, processed, analysed and stored by organisation is ever increasing but so are the threats to that data.

Data breaches and cyber attacks are now regularly in the news and Information security is high on the agenda of government agencies and large corporates.

Demonstrating sound information security governance is becoming vital to access new contracts and protect against costly damage.

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Part of Assent Risk Management

Assent Tech Risk is a specialist group of Assent Risk Management a risk management company that also covers areas of Health & Safety, Environmental, Quality and Wellbeing Risk.

Many clients opt to implement management systems to ISO or other standards and achieve certification as a demonstration of their commitment.  Visit Assent Risk Management for more information.